Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Secret Ingredients

There are several people in this world think that if they want to achieve their target they might need someone's help. They might think that if they have somebody's help they will be stronger and stronger. This is because they do not believe in themselves. What i am trying to say that we should not hoping for other people's help because we need to survive to achieve our own goals. I was attracted by the Kung Fu Panda movies whereby the message that have been brought by the Mark Osborne and John Stevenson which is "there is no secret ingredients, it's just u", Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda)

The movie tell us about how important we are to believe in yourself. The secret of the dragon scroll is just a myth that if anybody see the scroll they will become a "dragon warrior" but at the end it's just an aluminium foil that show the viewer own reflection. It is show that there is nothing in this world can change you beside yourself. They need to believe in themselves so that nothing in this world can beat them. 

This is simply sharing from me that reminds the readers also to me myself that we need to believe in ourselves to live the life. Thank you

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