Monday, October 22, 2012

ADV 550

Emotion : 
- A very caring lovely father to his daughter willing to do anything to give a better life to his daughter. Even though he is deaf-mute, but he will fight all his life in order to give his daughter the true meaning of life and love is about. he also willing to donate his blood to her daughter to keep her alive. it create an empathy to the viewers if they are imagine that this story are really happened to them and their father willing to do all the sacrifices.

Idea :
- A deaf-mute father that willing to sacrifices anything to keep his daughter alive.

Concept :
- A deaf-mute father that willing to sacrifices anything for his daughter but not accepted by his daughter because his daughter want a better and perfect life. But in the end, his daughter regret for all that she did before

Rationale :
- The ad shows that a real life of a family that sometimes recognize or appreciate for what they had, but only realized when it is gone.

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